The 3 C’s of Life: Choices, Chances and Changes:

If you don’t make a Choice to take a Chance your life will never Change:


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Please understand the following Options before making any Choices we offer:

  • Customer : Purchases the product either directly from us or from our website.
  • Preferred Customer : Purchases products at wholesale pricing due to participation in the AutoShip program.
  • Distributor : Independent business owner who participates in the International opportunity and will be trained in developing a sales organization to market the products.
  • Roamer : Explores our website, asks questions or gives comments without any obligations, fixed purpose or direction.
  • Quickstarter : Will get help on building your business or selling your products like a pro and will continue to grow, providing high values to your customers, creating a solid and durable foundation. Quick Start is the front door to your biz and the very first tool that you need when building your business. It gives you the opportunity to brand your empire, expose your business, build a professional database, track your visitors and customers and get engagements on a professional level.
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